Wheel Alignment South Molton

We offer wheel alignment in South Molton at competitive prices. Furthermore, we are one of the only garages in the area to offer Bosch 3D alignment for an unrivalled and accurate service. Main dealers like BMW and VAG group use this system. We have the skills and equipment to perform alignment services on all kinds of vehicles. To book your vehicle in, please contact a member of the team now on 01769 574837.

How Can I Tell If My wheels Need Aligning?

Experts predict that up to 75% of vehicles on the road have misaligned wheels. Once you know what signs to look for, it is usually quite easy to diagnose a problem with the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels. 

Your wheels may have become misaligned for many reasons such as hitting a curb or driving through a pothole in the road. Obvious signs that indicate your wheels need realigning include the following:

  • Your steering wheel will be noticeably off centre
  • The steering wheel may vibrate more than usual
  • The steering wheel may feel loose
  • Your vehicle may feel like the vehicle is pulling to one side
  • Tyres may begin to squeak
  • You may notice uneven tyre wear, or your tyres may be in bad condition for their age
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3D Wheel Alignment

Our Bosch 3D wheel alignment enables our technicians to perform precise wheel alignment on all kinds of vehicles to manufacturer specifications. This method of technology uses The Bosch FWA4630 which uses 12 on board CCD cameras that produce an accurate 3D vision of your vehicle’s wheel alignment to calculate measurements for each wheel, while the integrated system which features camber and inclination pendulums ensures perfect calibration. We are one of the only garages in North Devon to offer this specialist service.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Alignment services can save you money and offer the following benefits:

  • Even tyre wear meaning you will not have to replace your tyres so often, and you will gain more miles per tyre
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Increased road safety because of reliable directional stability and prevention of tyre damage
  • Your vehicle will drive straight and true
  • Every time a suspension related repair is carried out alignment must be checked 
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Contact TGB Automotive

For more information about our wheel alignment in South Molton and North Devon, please speak to the experts at TGB Automotive. We offer professional and efficient services using the latest technology for precision accuracy at low prices. To book your vehicle in, call us on 01769 574837 or visit our garage at Unit 3 Hacche Lane Business Park, Pathfields, South Molton EX36 3JB.